Dic 27 2004

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Blog Simplicity

Vía el Blog de Minid.Ned nos enteramos de la existencia del blog Simplicity del profesor John Maeda. Maeda es profesor en el MIT Media Lab. Describe sus intereses profesionales de esta forma:

I have always been interested in how the computer (which is an object of great complexity) and design (which is traditionally about simplicity) tend to mix poorly together like the proverbial “oil and water.” My early work in dynamic interactive graphics was all about seeking simplicity (design) in the context of complexity (technology). I now seek this balance not only in my own artwork, but in general society and beyond. Thus the SIMPLICITY consortium was formed as a means to achieve this end.

La verdadera sabiduría en todas las áreas del saber tal vez resida en ese balance armonioso entre lo simple y lo complejo.

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