Mar 16 2005

Imprimir esta Entrada


Vía Stephen Downes  nos enteramos de  FREESCIENCE .  Este recurso pone a la disposición de investigadores miles de documentos y artículos de forma gratuita.  Además, te permite añadir documentos a su base de datos. Sencillamente este es un esfuerzo que sienta las bases para lo que a mi entender es el desarrollo más significativo de esta década:  acceso  a los artículos y documentos científicos de forma gratuita.  !Que viva la ciencia que es libre y gratuita!

FREESCIENCE Allows any researcher to share his scientific papers (as well as notes, data and designs draws, ecc…) into a P2P OAI-PMH compliant network, by mean of which your works will be instantly available to hundred of thousands researchers worldwide. You can also browse the huge OAI archive (about 1 million of documents from the best research institutes) and download the full text for free. Furthermore, the FREESCIENCE software is completely free, as is access to documents in the BdA network. Download it here and install it in your own PC.

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