Mar 21 2005

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Minor Apple Protest

El punto que toca Dan Bricklin (creador de Trellix y la de primera hoja de cálculo) es una con el cual estoy totalmente de acuerdo y comenté en unas entradas anteriores. Más allá de la cuestión legal, el problema es uno de tener control y poder sobre otros quiénes en última instancia  le están haciendo mucha promoción a la Manzana.

Minor Apple Protest

I’m sad that I felt I had to do something, but Apple’s moves seem less about the revenue they lose and more about a fear of a lack of control. The ability to tolerate a lack of control and being a member of a community, not ruling one, is part of what is exciting about the connected world that Open Source software and blogging exemplify. Those that learn how to be part of a community benefit from it. It’s strange to have a situation where Microsoft "gets it" and Apple apparently doesn’t. That bodes well for Microsoft and poorly for Apple.

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