May 15 2005

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Congreso sobre blogs

Organizado por James Farmer, una de los grandes propulsores de la herramienta de los weblogs, se llevará a cabo en Austrailia el congreso BlogTalk Downunder desde mayo 19 al 22. Y pesar de que nos queda muy lejos para participar del mismo (:smile:), ya están disponibles varias de las presentaciones:

Chris Chesher – Paper –
Blogs and the crisis of authorship

: Kevin Leversee, Barry Steele, Scott Farrell & Mark Neely –
Panel – Desire Lines, Memes & the Blogosphere

Trevor Cook – Paper – Up
against reality: Blogging and the cost of content

Senator Andrew Bartlett – Presentation –
Blogs and Politics in
Australia and globally

Zenon Chaczko, Venkatesh Mahadevan & Emil Wajs-Chaczko – Paper –
Blogging as an Effective
Tool in Teaching and Learning Software Systems Development

Robert Ackland – Paper –
Mapping the U.S. Political Blogosphere: Are Conservative Bloggers More

Glen Fuller – Paper –
The eventual potential of Blogs

James Farmer – Paper –
Centred Communication: Weblogs and aggregation in the organisation

Gavin Sade – Paper –
Weblogs as Open Constructive Learning Environments

Carol Cooper & Lyn Boddington – Paper –
Assessment by blog: Ethical
case studies assessment for an undergraduate business management class

TAN Yuh-Huann, TEO Eng-Hui, AW Wai-Lin Alice, LIM Wei-Ying – Paper –
Portfolio Building in
Chinese Language Learning Using Blogs

Marcus O’Donnell- Paper –
Blogging as pedagogic
practice: artefact and ecology

MacColl, Morrison, Muhlberger, Simpson & Viller: Reflections on
reflection – paper –
Blogging in undergraduate design studios

Lisa Wise – paper –
Blogs versus discussion forums in postgraduate online continuing medical

Jenny Weight – paper –
“Faster, neater, sharper!”: how different models of communication intersect

Angela Thomas – paper –
Fictional Blogging and the Narrative Identities of Adolescent Girls

Marcus O’Donnell – paper –
Blogging as pedagogic
practice: artefact and ecology

Ben Hoh – paper –
What’s in the Box? Modulating vocabularies of trauma and mundanity in
refugee blogs

Katie Cavanagh – Paper –
Comments in the Margins –
Life Narrative, Publishing, Credibility, and Blogs

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