May 30 2005

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The rise of open source licensing

Este es otro libro electrónico sobre el movimiento del “open source ” y sus implicaciones para nuestra sociedad. Y como una manera de preacticar lo que se predica el libro se puede bajar de forma gratuita. 

The rise of open source licensing
Open source software – from Linux to Firefox and MySQL database – has changed software business as we knew it. New start-ups have challenged industry heavyweights from Microsoft to Oracle with innovative copyright licensing strategies and courageous anti-patent policies. Almost every major software company has been forced to react to the commodification trend.

Drawing from detailed case studies, historical narrative and the application of economic theory, this book shows how open source licensing is used for strategic advantage. Software developers enter open source to distribute their work more efficiently and increase innovation. Software is no longer property, they say. Interestingly, everything has worked despite – rather than because of – ever-expanding intellectual property rights.

Referencia: Blog de Juan Freire

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