Mar 18 2007

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Neil Young y el paganismo

Nos  comenta  el maestro Neil Young sobre Dios, la religión y las iglesias:

When I was six, I really didn’t know what God was. But I did know about Sunday school. I was reading a lot about God, but I was bored. I couldn’t wait to get out of Sunday school. God was secondary to the whole thing. But as time went by, I got more and more angry, to the point where I didn’t like religion. Hate is a strong word. But I just kept getting angrier and angrier . . . until finally I wasn’t angry anymore. I was just peaceful, because I thought: This is not fruitful for me. I rejected the whole thing and found peace in paganism. Jesus didn’t go to church. I went way back before Jesus. Back to the forest, to the wheat fields, to the river, to the ocean. I go where the wind is. That’s my church.

Yo también soy un pagano.

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