Ene 01 2009

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Pindurai Mambo

Del cantante Oliver “Tutu” Mtukudzi, nacido en Zimbabwe, comparto “Pindurai Mambo”,   de su album Paivepo, el álbum mas vendido en la historia  zimbabwense. De su página me llamó mucho la atención su consciencia política-social y defensa de la no-violencia:

“Africa has fought so hard for our freedom, now must we fight ourselves in the streets and in the villages and create new wars?” – 2008 Mtukudzi commenting on the deadly political violence in Zimbabwe and the fatal xenophobic hostilities in South Africa.

“Non-violence is the only way to remain victorious over the many challenges that are currently facing us as a nation. That is the message I would like to convey to all those who are perpetrating senseless acts of violence on fellow Zimbabweans as they can never wash the blood off their hands.” – 2003 Mtukudzi commenting on political violence rocking Zimbabwe. All his life when he recorded his debut single in 1975 to this day – 56 albums on – Oliver Mtukudzi has written and performed some of the most heart rending music against brutality, hatred and violence. He has composed music for restraint, for tolerance…music about self-discipline and peace amongst the people of the world. His music has continued to touch people in many different ways, guiding and stirring past generations in the same manner the compositions will impact the future.

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