Oct 26 2009

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Little Bottles

Inspirado en la canción Little Boxes de Malvina Reynolds, David Mackler nos alerta sobre el lado obscuro de los medicamentos para tratar las “enfermedades mentales”.

Little Bottles

Little bottles in the cabinet,
little bottles full of chemicals,
little bottles from the doctor,
little bottles for your head.
There’s a green pill,
and a pink pill,
and a blue pill,
and a yellow pill,
and they’re all made out of chemicals,
and they make you feel good.
There’s Zyprexa,
and there’s Prozac,
and Ritalin, and Lithium,
and Xanax, and Risperdal,
and the MAOIs.
They’re for depression,
and bipolar,
and anxiety, and schizophrenia,
and for panic, and smoking,
and PTSD.
There’s a green pill,

But the people who take them
often get all sorts of funny side effects,
like twitching, and waking,
and some things that are worse.
Like loss of feelings,
and loss of passion,
loss of focus, and overaction,
and addiction, and heart disease,
and sometimes suicide.
There’s a green pill

Yet the shrinks all recommend them
with a thousand dollar consultations.
But you should trust them,
because after all half the shrinks take them too.
Numb the symptoms,
ditch the therapy,
support the pharmaceutical industry,
deny the traumas that cause the misery,
and pass them all on to your kids.
There’s a green pill

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