Oct 30 2009

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Each person is a world

Un poema que refleja nuestra naturaleza múltiple, diversa y plural. No somos Uno, somos Legión. Al no entender esa pluralidad, la psicología tradicional continua desarrollando  teorías que fallan en comprender quiénes realmente somos y termina reduciendo nuestro complejidad a simples patrones de conducta.

Each Person Is A World
by Gunnar Ekelof

Each person is a world, peopled
by blind creatures in dim revolt
against the I, the king, who rules them.
In each soul thousands of souls are imprisoned,
in each world thousands of worlds are hidden
and these blind and lower worlds
are real and living, though not full-born,
as truly as I am real. And we kings
and barons of the thousand potential creatures within us
are citizens ourselves, imprisoned
in some larger creature, whose ego and nature
we understand a little as our master
his master. From their death and their love
our own feelings have received a coloring.
As when a great liner passes by
far out below the horizon where the sea lies
so still at dusk. And we know nothing of it
until a swell reaches us on the shore,
first one, then one more, and then many
washing and breaking until it all goes back
as before. Yet it is all changed.
So we shadows are seized by a strange unrest
when something tells us that people have left,
that some of the possible creatures have gotten free.

trans. from the Swedish by Robert Bly

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