May 02 2005

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RSS con Mojo y Tag

Rojo, un agregador de RSS en línea, ya salío de la versión Beta y se perfila como la competencia fuerte de Bloglines. Con Rojo puedes añadir tags a tus feeds.

Mi amigo Paco lo reseñó hace unos días en AulaBlog.

Rojo means “RSS with mojo” and in this spirit our company is dedicated to providing the best RSS feed reader around so that busy people can manage and read content as efficiently as possible. Our vision is that the next generation of feed reading requires new forms of organization so we built in the ability to tag your world, your content, your feeds, and even your friends. We believe that analytics and community based features are what make feed reading accessible and appealing to technophiles and new consumers alike so we provide RojoBuzz, which tracks which webpages are most linked-to by the feeds you read. With Rojo’s community features you can share stories, feeds, tags, contacts, and profile information with your friends and colleagues, making it easy to find, discover, and share interesting content.

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