May 02 2005

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‘Tags’ Ease Sifting of Digital Data

Este artículo de Yahoo News describe el fenómeno del tagging y sus implicaciones para la búsqueda de la información. El camino está claro: “bloguear”, “taguear” y “furlear” hasta el infinito.

‘Tags’ Ease Sifting of Digital Data
“Tagging is something selfishly useful. It helps you understand and categorize something for yourself,” Technorati founder David Sifry said. “But I can take advantage of the fact that you and hundreds and thousands of people have also tagged the things” for themselves.

Tagging is fundamentally about tapping the collective human wisdom, rather than relying on a computer algorithm, for search, said Ben Shneiderman, who teaches human-computer interaction at the University of Maryland.

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