Dic 18 2008

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Entrevista Neil Young (PBS, Julio 2008)

Neil Young conversa con Charlie Rose sobre su carrera, su matrimonio, su proceso creativo y sus convicciones espirituales. Encontré fascinante esta parte de la entrevista:

ROSE: OK. Well, then, tell me this. What did the brain aneurysm teach you, tell
YOUNG: It give me more faith.
ROSE: Did it really? Faith in?
YOUNG: I don`t know. I don`t know. I have faith. I don`t know what it is. I know
there are a lot of stories. There is the Bible. There is the Koran. There are
all of these things. Everybody`s got one. Everybody has a faith. And there are
stories that have gone through the ages and I respect all of them. But I don`t
know where I fit in. I just have faith. I believe in nature. I love nature. My
church is my forest. I like to walk in the trees, look up. The trees are so old.
They are so tall. They are so natural. They are so beautiful. And I just like to
touch them, hear my footprints. That to me, that is my church, that`s my
I don`t have a robe. I don`t have a book. I don`t know my book. If I have a
book, I haven`t read it? Somehow, it is missing, so — but I have faith and I
respect faith. I respect my friend Jonathan, who is working on the car, and his
family are a beautiful Christian family. I went to their church with them. I sat
there and I listened. It was a beautiful family gathering of people, all
sharing, you know. And I feel the faith, I feel it. But I don`t — I think I
could have easily gone, you know, with a Muslim family and sat with them and
gotten on my knees and had the same feeling.

Incluyo la transcripción del diálogo:

Neil Young Interview

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