Sep 21 2009

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Harvard ofrece programa doctoral gratuito en “educational leadership”

Esta es una oportunidad única para estudiantes interesados en prepararse para transformar el sistema educativo. Los estudiantes que sean admitidos a este nuevo programa en “Educational Leadership”  de la Escuela de Educación de Harvard no pagarán matrícula y se les brindará también un estipendio para sus gastos. El programa comienza en agosto de 2010.

The Ed.L.D. Program is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of system-level leadership responsibilities in organizations such as: school systems, state departments of education, U.S. Department of Education, national policy organizations, national nonprofits or mission-based for-profits, and foundations/funders. Ed.L.D. graduates will be well-positioned to assume roles such as: superintendent (head, assistant, deputy, area), chief academic officer, chief executive officer, chief of staff, commissioner, executive director, advisory to the deputy secretary, program director, or program officer.

While there are many types of capstone experiences and projects, the Ed.L.D. capstone experience is based entirely in practice. In the third year, students undertake a paid residency, working in a meaningful leadership role in a partner organization. Students will be asked to work systemically in a significant improvement effort that is of high priority to the organization, to orchestrate other people’s work, and to be accountable for their contributions. Through this experience, they will have the opportunity to utilize the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom and test their own theories of change.

The program is looking for applicants who have demonstrated both a strong commitment to the American K–12 education sector and the potential to become leaders in the transformation of that sector. We expect candidates to come from a variety of prior work experiences that have included leadership and managerial responsibilities. As we build a strong, diverse cohort of transformational, system-level leaders, we anticipate that admitted students will be diverse across multiple dimensions, including work experience, life experience, geography, and interests. In addition, all candidates will have the moral, emotional, and intellectual capacities to emerge as important leaders in the future.

We are committed to enrolling a talented student body which reflects the full spectrum of American society, inclusive with respect to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, and other personal characteristics.

El currículo de este programa gira en torno a  tres áreas principales: aprendizaje y enseñanza, liderato y gerencia y transformación del sector educativo. Si volviera a nacer estaría solicitando a este programa.


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  1. Yazmin

    Gracias por compartir esta importante informacion que ayuda para animar a los latinoamericanos a continuar superandose con el deseo de levatar nuestra sociedad.

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